Malaysia’s sex kitten

Well, all this while I have been posting pictures of Japanes AV Idols which caught my fancy, and I think they were nice. So when I received an email from another pervertic soul like me saying that there was a Malaysian sex idol on the internet, I was definately interested. I love people who do their bit to make map Malaysia on the global stage, even if it involves showing tits and ass. Heck, especially if it involves tits and ass. So friends, meet Stephanie Liah.

Now that’s one hell of a pose. She says that she has been an Air Asia stewardess, a TV personality and actress and is currently studying an pursuing a modelling career in Korea. Air Asia is now up a notch in my books. She has pictures — lots of nice and sexy ones – online, but her videos are the ones that you MUST NOT pass. This girl sure knows how to pull the hip action. I mean, she knows how to sway and swaying, that’s sexy essentials #1, in my book. Here’s some links for you to follow. Worth your time man. Malaysia boleh! Be sure to watch her videos on YouTube!

Stephanie on Flicker
Stephanie on YouTube
Stephanie reviewed on SexiCuties blog

Have fun. I sure did.

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