We be alive!

By Jude, Resident Sinner. Yes we are, both phatboy and me are alive. I can’t speak for him but I am up to nothing much in the fucking department until recently, hence the quiet. There’s nothing to write. You see, what we write about here is drawn from our real-life experience, and real life has […]

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Talk to the sinners

By Jude Ash, Resident Sinner (YMme@judekamikaze) It’s been awhile since our regular posting, and a lot has happened. Totties and pussies aside, we thought that we should also muck around with YM once in a while. So if you are up for a little conversation with the sinners, check us out on Yahoo Messenger on […]

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After my last affair of the heart ended, I began to brood. Talking to friends began to feel as if it was useless, for very few could understand and even lesser would bother trying. Most would offer ‘advice’ as if one needs it or one could not see. The fact is, one saw and one went anyway.

Hence, these are the chronicles of my other life. The life that I lived without those around me knowing. The thing about it is that after some time, the urge to tell becomes great, if only to justify to myself the manner of how things turn out. At the very least, it is hoped that someone will understand, or will identify, to the person I have become in this other life that I lead.

You can email me at jude.otherlife[a]gmail.com

and phatboy can be reached at phatboy013[a]gmail.com